Holy Matrimony

The consent by which the spouses mutually give, and receive one another is sealed by God himself.  From their covenant arises “an institution, confirmed by the divine law… even in the eyes of society.”  The covenant between the spouses is integrated into God’s covenant with man: “Authentic married love is caught up into divine love.”     (CCC 1639)


“How can I ever express the happiness of a marriage joined by the Church, strengthened by and offering, sealed by a blessing, announced by angels, and ratified by the Father?… How wonderful the bond between two believers, now in hope, one in desire, one in discipline, one in the same service!  They are both children of one Father and servants of the same Master, undivided in spirit and flesh, truly two in one flesh.  Where the flesh is one, one also is the spirit.”

Tertullian… Ad Uxorem